Rafting #5, Scenic Only


Soakin' Up the Sun with the Birds n the Bees.ast12
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Sigh...If you are looking for a change of pace and a day full of relaxation and beautiful scenery, then we can provide the perfect North Platte River Rafting Tour with you in mind.  Chill with the fam', frolic with your buds(Don't Forget Your Super Soakers!), melt the ice with some co-workers or bond with a special business client on a serene and sun-beaming float down the scenic North Platte River.  Keep an eye on the sky... and the shore!  Deer, Antelope, and Eagles are regularly spotted on this trip.

Interested in some Platte History? Test the knowledge of your trusty River Guide!


ast13Trip Length: 3 to 4 Hours

ast13Location: North Platte River, Sechrist to Robertson Rd


Adult: | 1 to 15 People | 25 Plus People |

| $70 Each | $65 Each |

Aug 19-23 | $149
Child: | 6 to 12 Years Old | Children Under 6 |
| $55 | FREE! |
Aug 19-23 | $129

ast15 50% Down-Payment on all Trips

Don't Forget to Tip Your Guide!