Rafting #4, 3 Hours


Soakin' n Splashin' for 3 Hours!ast12
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Three times the safety grippin' fun! Let's hit the set of Platte River rapids and hang out for a lot longer! Let your heart rate soar as you ride through the Platte River's rushing white water course.  Don't miss out on the serenity completely, in fact you might take a nice nap... well, that is, after the rapids of course!  This Route allows you to experience the best of both waters for thrice as long.

Interested in some Platte History? Test the knowledge of your trusty River Guide!

ast13Trip Length: 3 Hours

ast13Location: North Platte River, Robertson Rd to Brain Stock Trail


Adult: | 1 to 25 People | 25 Plus People |

| $60 Each | $55 Each |

Aug 19-23 | $139
Child: | 6 to 12 Years Old | Children Under 6 |
| $50 FREE!
Aug 19-23 | $119

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