Grey Reef Drift Boat Rental Shuttle Service


Vehicle & Boat Trailer Shuttle                 

Vehicle & boat trailer shuttle only-Let's say you want a Grey Reef drift boat rental for the North Platte River.  You come and pick up the driftboat and take it to the Grey Reef ramp.  Once you have launched the driftboat, we move your car to your desired pullout.  Once you get done fishing, you don't have to hassle with the shuttle, your car will allready be there!  And of course, we would love to give you any information you need to have a successful day on the river, whether you rent from us or not.  Were here to help you to know what stretches are fishing good, what flies to use, what length of leader to run, etc. We have guides on the river every day that would love to answer any questions you might have!

$30-Any shuttles between Grey Reef dam and Bryan Stock Trail.  If there's a shuttle you would like and don't see on here, please call us to schedule.

Ride with Your Guide

Boat Delivery + Passenger Shuttle. Let's say you want a Grey Reef Drift Boat rental and have us do the pickup & delivery.  We meet you at the take out on the Grey Reef stretch where you leave your vehicle.  We transport your rental, and up to 7 passengers to the designated put in. You float down the North Platte River and after you've had an enjoyable day you pull your boat out on the shore.  You give Platte River Raft N' Reel a call, take off, and we come pick it up. That's it!  No need picking up the boat or hauling the boat back across town. This way there is no work to do after the fun, we do it for you.


South of Casper:
$80- Any shuttles from or between Grey Reef Dam and Government Bridge
$65-Any shuttles from or between Government Bridge to Bessemer Bend
$55-Any shuttles from Bessemer Bend to Robertson Road
$45-Any shuttles from or between Robertson Road to Brian Stock Trail Bridge

Northeast of Casper:
$80-Cole Creek Bridge to the Plant
$65-Edness Kimball Wilkins State Park to Cole Creek Bridge

One Direction Shuttle