Casper Drift Boat Rentals for the North Platte River


Reeln' in a Clackacraftast12

High quality fiber-glass Drift boats!  The ultimate Fly-Fishing experience.  We are the only Casper drift boat rental outfitter around that offers Clackacraft Skiff's for fly fishing on those commonly windy days on the Grey Reef of the North Platte River.  They are lower than the traditional low profile drift boat, which makes them easier to row in the wind. We offer the cleanest, most up to date drift boats, for the most reasonable price around Casper or the Gray Reef! Read more on the Clackacraft site about these incredible Drift Boats!

3 Man Casper Drift Boat Rental - $100.00

Eclipse Rates Aug 19-23: $150/4 hrs or $195/8 hrs

Grey Reef Drift Boat & Raft Shuttle Service